Oklahoma City Renaissance Festival

School Days

Dates & Hours of Operation

  • September 01 : 09:00 am - 02:30 pm
  • September 08 : 09:00 am - 02:30 pm

School Day Tickets

(Reservations Required, NOT open to the general public)

The Oklahoma City Renaissance Festival is proud to provide an opportunity for schools to give their students a chance to do more than just read about history. WE WANT THEM TO EXPERIENCE IT!!!

Take your students back in time experiencing live educational demonstrations, interactive historical presentations, and much MUCH more.

  • Students - FREE
  • Chaperones - FREE
    *A limited lunch menu is available to all School Days attendees

Oklahoma City Renaissance Festival Presents School Day on Friday September 1st and September 8th, 2017, from 9:00 am - 3:00 pm.

The Oklahoma City Renaissance Festival is filled with the sights, sounds and experiences from one of the most storied times in history. Join us while we bring to life the ambiance of an early European village. The Festival will open on two special weekdays to accommodate students, teachers and adult chaperones who wish to enjoy a most unique field trip opportunity.

The Oklahoma City Renaissance Festival has designed our interactive Student Day to directly support your curriculum in the areas of:

  • History
  • Math
  • Science
  • Language
  • Theatre
  • Art

Our Student Day is appropriate for all public, private and home schools. It is an amazing opportunity to immerse your students in the 16th-century while learning about the Renaissance time period. There will be lots to see and do while interacting with cast members including peasants and royalty. Our School Day adventure starts promptly at 9:00am with an opening ceremony at our main entrance and end at 2:30pm each school day.

There will be a full schedule of events published well in advance of the School day to help teachers and administrations prepare for the festival. The schedule will include live demonstrations, interactive lectures, music, magicians, artisans, crafters, and a royal joust!!

Best of all, this entire event is provided to you and your students free of charge.

Schools are REQUIRED to register in advance as space is limited each day. Reservations are on a first come first served basis.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the date and times for Student Day?
Please see the festival schedule for dates & times.

How can I make a reservation?
You can download and fill out our School Day Application PDF, then email it to tickets@okcrf.com with the subject header Student Day Application.

What is the cost of admission?
Admission is FREE for all students, teachers, chaperones, and bus drivers . The Oklahoma City Renaissance Festival asks that for every 10 students there be a teacher/chaperone.

Will I receive tickets for each student?
After your registration is received and accepted the Festival will email you a confirmation voucher. The voucher is sent out by August 25th and indicates the number of students, and chaperones attending. The voucher will be turned in at the box office upon your arrival and the festival will release special armbands for your attendees. Student day armbands are valid only on that student day and serve as a ticket for your chaperones and students. Complimentary, Group and Renaissance Tickets purchased online are not valid on Student Day and Student Day armbands are not valid on regular festival days.

What do I bring to the Festival gate on day of the field trip?
Bring a copy of your voucher. Be sure the Teacher or Chaperone with the voucher is located at the front of your group. DO NOT BLOCK THE PATHWAYS. Please group your students away from the ticket booth area so that only the person with the voucher comes to the ticket booth. Please make sure the group is off the main path and onto the grassy areas.

Where should my students meet at the end of the day?
Have your students meet you outside the Front Gate or at another location inside the Festival. Please do not have your students meet you at the Front Gate of the Festival - this area gets very congested at the beginning and end of the day. It is best to designate a landmark that your students can easily find. Please do not block the pathways.

Will my students need extra money?
On Student Day your students can bring their lunch or purchase from a wide array of food at the Festival. There are games and other activities for the students to enjoy, however there is a nominal charge for these activities ($1.00 - $5.00) and a variety of food ($2.00 - $8.00 -food).

What if it rains?
The Oklahoma City Renaissance Festival is an outdoor event and will operate rain or shine. We will only close the festival for a dangerous threat of severe weather. Announcements will be made throughout the festival if there is a threat of severe weather but it the responsibility of teachers/chaperones to monitor the weather. Teachers/Chaperones should monitor the weather forecasts before attending and advise students to dress appropriately.

Where are you located?
The Oklahoma City Renaissance Festival is located in the heart of the Adventure District in Oklahoma City. Our address is 8901 N. Eastern Avenue Oklahoma City, OK 73131 - just scroll down a bit for a map!



(844) 332-3327



8901 N EasternĀ 
Oklahoma City, OK 73131